Exchange and Google Calendars on the iPhone, revisited

June 20th, 2009

Now that iPhone OS 3.0 allows syncing to multiple sources — Exchange, CalDAV, and local calendars — many of the contortions from my previous post on this are no longer necessary.

Now, to get all your Google and Exchange calendars together on your iPhone, you can just:

  • Turn calendars on for your Exchange account under Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings
  • Add a CalDAV account (Choose Other for the type) with your google account email address/password and for the Server

iCal Exchange still comes in handy for seeing all my calendars on the desktop, but I no longer need to sync to a computer to have the most current information on my phone. Hooray!

Secondary Google Calendars

Want to connect to your other, non-main Google Calendars too? Here’s one way to do it.

Start by adding a new CalDAV account with these settings:

User Name
[ long alphanumeric string specific to your calendar ]
Your google password

Hit Next. Verification will fail. When it does, click to Advanced Settings and delete “:443″ from the Account URL. Then, go back to Account Information and replace the long address for User Name with your google account email address. Save — verification should succeed and your calendar will be added.

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